Customer list

September 2013
Land Lease
  Company Name Nationality Products Situation
001 Kao Vietnam Co., Ltd. Japan Consumer Products Operation
002 Quadrille Vietnam Co., Ltd. Japan Garments Operation
003 Amata Power (Bien Hoa) Co., Ltd. Thailand-Germany Power Operation
004 Vietnam Wacoal Corp. Japan Garments Operation
005 Riches High- tech Wrapper Co., Ltd. T aiwan Packaging Operation
006 Bayer Vietnam Limited. Germany Agrochemical Operation
007 YKK Vietnam Co., Ltd. Japan Zippers Operation
008 Map Pacific (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. Singapore-Germany Agrochemical Operation
009 KMC Chain (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. T aiwan Bicycle parts Operation
010 Sanko Mold Vietnam Co., Ltd. Japan Molds and plastics Operation
011 Kao- Meng Machinery (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. T aiwan Bicycle parts Operation
012 VP Components (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. T aiwan Bicycle parts Operation
013 Magx Vietnam Ltd. Japan Magnets Operation
014 Reliable Plastics (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. T aiwan CPP and PE films Operation
015 Namyang International Vietnam Co., Ltd. Korea Garments Operation
016 Arai Vietnam Co., Ltd. Japan Textiles Operation
017 Figla-Vietnam Co., Ltd. Japan Cosmetic vessels Operation
018 New Vietnam Co., Ltd. Japan Auto Parts Operation
019 Fukuyama Gosei (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. Japan Plastics Operation
020 Unipax Co., Ltd. Korea Garments Operation
021 Jiangsu Jing Meng (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. T aiwan Garment Operation
022 Vietnam Cosmos Co., Ltd. Japan Electric parts Operation
023 Fulin Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. T aiwan PVC products Operation
024 Amanda Foods (Vietnam) Limited. UK Frozen shrimps and processing Operation
025 Vietnam Shine Co., Ltd. Japan Kitchenware Operation
026 Akzo Nobel Coatings Vietnam Ltd. Netherlands Paints Operation
027 Vietnam International Production Co., Ltd. (RBF9) Austria Cushion Operation
028 Okamoto Vietnam Co., Ltd. Japan Raincoat Operation
029 Emerald Blue Vietnam Co., Ltd. Japan Hats & Caps Operation
030 Pepsico Vietnam - Dong Nai Plant Netherlands Beverage and drinking water Operation
031 Vietnam Manufacturing & Export Processing Co., Ltd. T aiwan Motorbike Operation
032 Asia Garment Manufacturer (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. Singapore Garment Operation
033 Nicca Vietnam Co., Ltd. Japan Chemicals for textile industry Operation
034 Vietnam Meiwa Co., Ltd. (RBF11) Japan Electronic device Operation
035 Sumiden Device Innovations Vietnam Co., Ltd. Japan Electronic device Operation
036 Kotobuki SEA Co., Ltd. Japan Furniture Operation
037 Vietnam NOK Co., Ltd. Japan Oil seal Operation
038 Rally's Mirror Co., Ltd. (RBF8) Japan Rear mirror for automobile Operation
039 Fleming International Vietnam Ltd. (RBF10, 14, 16) Hong Kong Candle Operation
040 Ritek Vietnam Co., Ltd. T aiwan CD-ROM, DVD-ROM Operation
041 Buwon Vina Co., Ltd. Korea Shoe sole Operation
042 I Ping Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. T aiwan Paints Operation
043 Yamoto Protec (Dong Nai) Co., Ltd. Japan Rudder Operation
044 BMB Co., Ltd. T aiwan Auto Parts Operation
045 Yung Chi Paint & Varnish Mfg (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. T aiwan Paints Operation
046 Tohoku Chemical Industries (Vietnam), Ltd. Japan Auto parts Operation
047 Vina Melt Technos Co., Ltd. (RBF1) Japan Extrusion Operation
048 Muro Tech Vietnam Corporation Japan Press parts for automobile Operation
049 Shiogai Seiki Vietnam Co., Ltd. + (RBF 19) Japan Metal processing Operation
050 Sundat (S) Pte Ltd. Singapore Agrochemical Operation
051 Zamil Steel Buildings Vietnam Ltd. Saudi Arabia Fabrication Operation
052 Pro-vision Special Steel Industries Co., Ltd. T aiwan Mold steel Operation
053 Watabe Wedding Corporation Japan Weddding dress Operation
054 Goldfine Manufacturers Public Co., Ltd. Thailand Jewelry Operation
055 Livart Furniture Co., Ltd. Korea Furniture Operation
056 Whittier Wood Products (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. USA Wood products Operation
057 United Phosphoros Vietnam Ltd. India Agrochemical Operation
058 Shirai Vietnam Co., Ltd Japan Furniture Operation
059 Lovetex Industrial Corporation T aiwan Textile Operation
060 JFE Shoji Steel Vietnam Japan Steel Operation
061 Fuji Carbon (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. Japan Parts for motors Operation
062 Mitsuba M-Tech Vietnam Co., Ltd. (MMVC) Japan Electric parts Operation
063 Dragon Logistics Co., Ltd. Japan Logistics Operation
064 Ecosoft (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. USA Garments Operation
065 Dong Sung Chemical Co., Ltd. Korea Chemical Operation
066 Vibest International Indonesia Plastic products Operation
067 Viet Nam Plastic Industries Thailand-Japan Packaging Operation
068 Toyo Ink Vietnam Co., Ltd. (RBF4) Japan Ink Operation
  Company Name Nationality Products Situation
069 Perrin Vietnam Co., Ltd. (RBF28) Panama Handbags Operation
070 Starprint Vietnam Co., Ltd. (RBF3) Thailand Packaging and children books Operation
071 Camplas Co., Ltd. Japan Moulding Operation
072 Peacock Co., Ltd. Japan Food processing Preparation
073 Sakaguchi Plastic Vietnam Co., Ltd. (RBF 17) Japan Plastic injection Operation
074 Hossack (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. Hong Kong Electronics Operation
075 Kureha Vietnam Co., Ltd. Japan Plastic packaging films Operation
076 Shin Hong Joint Stock Corporation Taiwan Embroideries Operation
077 Thanh Anh Joint Stock Company (RBF2) T aiwan Compressor Operation
078 Shiseido Vietnam Inc. Japan Cosmetics Operation
079 Vietnam Musashi Paint Co., Ltd. Japan Paint Operation
080 Saitex International Dong Nai Co., Ltd. + (RBF23) India Garments Operation
081 Dong Sung Vina Printing Co., Ltd. Korea Paper shopping bags Operation
082 Toshiba Industrial Products Asia Co., Ltd. Japan High efficiency motors Operation
083 Dong Tien Joint Stock Company Vietnam Garments Preparation
084 Standard A Corporation Vietnam Construction & services Operation
085 Dona Newtower Nature Drink & Food JSC's Branch Hong Kong-Vietnam Fruit juice Operation
086 Kumkang Vina Co., Ltd. (RBF15) Korea Steel bends Operation
087 Cong ty CP Thuc Pham Thuy San An Phat Vietnam Food processing Operation
088 Vietnam Create Medic Co. Ltd. Japan Medical tools Operation
089 Anlap Co., Ltd. Vietnam Machinery and plastic mold Operation
090 Chang Dae Vina Co., Ltd. Korea Injection molding Operation
091 Gojo Paper Vietnam Co., Ltd. Japan Paper packaging Operation
092 Nestle Vietnam Co., Ltd. + (RBF6) Switzerland Netcafe Operation
093 VSL Co., Ltd. Japan Plastic products Operation
094 Tomei Vietnam Co., Ltd. (RBF36) Malaysia Jewelry Operation
095 Brother Industries Ltd. Japan Sewing machines Operation
096 Marigot Vietnam LLC Switzerland Jewelry Operation
097 Tiger Vietnam Co., Ltd. Japan Electric households Operation
098 House Foods Vietnam Co., Ltd. Japan Food processing Operation
099 VFC Farms Co., Ltd. Brunei Vegetable & fruit chips, dried foods Preparation
100 Dona Bitis Imex Corp., Pte., Ltd. Vietnam Shoes Preparation
101 Vietnam Nisshin Seifun Co., Ltd. Japan Food processing Preparation